Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2 for 2!

I raced 3 weekends back to back to back.  Starting with Xterra Beavercreek, followed by Xterra Indian Peaks, and finishing with the BecTri.  (I was supposed to race Xterra Aspen, but due to fires and mudslides, it was cancelled)

I won Indian Peaks.  AWESOME!!!  I am super psyched about this.

I also won (tied for 1st) the BecTri!  AWESOME!!!  This race is in memory of Becky Yarberry.  I had to run down my friend and training partner Alister Ratcliff and we called a truce in the spirit of Becky.  She was always one who liked friendly competitors.  We crossed the line together, happily.

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