Monday, July 29, 2019

Xterra Beavercreek

My home course, Xterra Beavercreek, is always one of my favorites, and this year I raced well.

In theswim I like to get an early lead using my advantage of living here. I didn't have such a great start, but I did get into the lead.  I pulled Branden Rakkita and SAM Osborn with me.  No worries though, I still pushed it and had some help from Branden keeping the pace high.  We tried to pull away from Sam, but he proved to be too strong.
I exited the water with those two and after a lightning quick transition I was in the lead. 

Brad and Branden (photo: Xterra)
I knew I couldn't win this race, but I stayed with Branden and Sam as long as I could before having to focus on my own race.  They are simply too strong for me.  Josiah caught me soon after and I gave him the surprising information that we was taking 3rd from me and could see Sam and Branden up the trail!  He was psyched! (and easily won the day)

I rode with Karsten Madsen for some time until a volunteer asked about a crashed rider on the trail.  I am known for talking during races, but one of my training partners, Alister Ratcliff, has been coaching me to talk less and focus on racing more!  I broke from my new training and told the volunteer the details.  That took too much breath on the massive climb and I lost contact with Karsten.

Ryan Ignatz caught me at the top of the climb and we rode together (having fun, of course) to the end of the bike.  I couldn't hold onto him on the uphill for the run, so I settled in for maintaining my 7th place.

With about 1/2 a mile to go, one of the best runners in Xterra, Brian Smith, showed up a few steps behind me.  I had to find a new level of pain to hold him off for 7th.

With all the running injuries I've had this year (see previous post), I'm extremely happy I raced well.  I achieved all of my goals.  1st out of the water, 1st or 2nd fastest transitions, top 8, re-qualified as a Pro, had fun, etc.  Nearly all of my in-laws were here to watch (Tina's parents, sister, and Godparents... talk about pressure!). I raced in a kit that my mother in law repaired (thanks Christie!) that is very old, but very comfy.

Paul (father in law), thanks for all the videos:

Swim Exit

Bike Finish

Run Start

Finish Line

Pain Face

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