Monday, August 21, 2017

Drop it like it's hot

Xterra Aspen:
Quote from Tina:
"That was the most spectator friendly race I've ever seen of yours!"  She saw me the entire swim, 8 times on the bike, and twice on the run.  Also, as part those times, the spectators could see athletes for approximately a mile of their racing while they weaved through a grassy field in a "cyclocross style" part of the varied course.

My new goals of racing this year is to win the swim, and have the fastest transitions.  My friend and old training partner from when we lived in Chicago, Ruben, came up to race.  He's from Spain and has been living there and practicing his downhill MTB skills, so I knew we were going to have a fun race.  I was able to put a gap on him at the very start, and just barely hold it throughout the swim so I was able to be 1st out of the water.  I had a great transition and ended up being fastest there as well.  2 down, 1 to go.  The MTB was great, varied, fast and fun.

I installed a new dropper post this week and wanted to try it out. It allows me to downhill better by getting the lowering the seat which gets it out of the way.  You can see it to the left in the image.

That with my new brake pads from Truckerco, I was descending like a madman.

A spectator friendly course is also good for me, as I love getting cheered on and seeing everyone.  (Except my dog Senna, who wasn't allowed.  This was about the only downfall to this race.)

I finished the bike fairly cleanly and had a safe run. (after having the fastest T2) I say safe because I had sprained my ankle on the bike doing something stupid.  (sorry, it is too embarrassing to post publicly)

I hope Ashley remembers this
Ruben had a terrible race.  He had many mechanical issues on his rented bike (which I found for him...) but he had such a good swim that he placed top 10.

Rife (injured), Ruben, and I 

I loved this course.  The swim was beautiful in a ski lake and nice and long.  Too many triathlons have short swims... and boring runs.  This run was fantastic.  It was technical with  many ups and downs.  (did I mention it was spectator friendly)

Another quote from Tina: "It's always fun when you win" and it is easy to like a race that you win, but this truly was a great time.

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