Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Xterra Nationals

I'll be brief, due to the brace on my hand.
In 2014, I had the race of my life here.  I placed 2nd out of the US contenders, and 6th overall.  I've been wanting to repeat that performance since then.
In 2015, I had major mechanical issues on the bike.
In 2016, I had an injury due to a crash that prevented me from racing well.
This year, I wasn't' 100% due to illness and injuries, but I felt good on race day.

Our Friday was a bit of a cluster.  Our normal campsite was closed!  We were forced to get a hotel room, so no camping :(

The swim started out well enough getting into the lead.  There was another pack to my right, and I knew I had to drill it to stay ahead of them.  Whoever was on my feet decided to get to come up on my left, and push me to the right.  He kept bumping into me over and over. I was getting really, really upset.  I swim straight and clean.  I didn't want to waste energy with him, but he wouldn't stop.  I kept thinking "you idiot! get on my feet and I'll lead out of the water".  I spat water in his face, I yelled at him, I pushed hard left... all to no avail.  I eventually got onto Mauricio Mendez's feet (from the other pack) and this guy didn't stop running into me.  Finally I gave up and slowed down to let him onto Mauricio's feet.  He slowed down too!  Once that gap opened up, I was too tired from fighting to get back on.  Finally Branden Rakita came up to my other side and I got pushed into him.  Finally I gave up (again) and paused from swimming altogether so I could swim alone.  I came out of the water tired and upset.

I don't ever call out people for bad racing by name but Kyle Smith, you are a terrible swimmer.

The bike was uneventful, I was tired therefore slow.  The run took some time getting into my rhythm, but once I did I was flying... literally when I tripped.  One moment, I was running, the next I was superman.  I landed hard on rocks and sprained my wrist.  It was a hard fall that took a lot out of me. I crossed the line carrying Ashley which made her EXTREMELY happy, so that cheered me up.

This was a tough season, and I'm glad it's over.

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